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Documentation Status

tzk (TiddlyZettelKasten) is a TiddlyWiki edition and associated CLI for maintaining personal notes in something approaching the Zettelkasten method. Its updated periodically from whatever tooling Im currently using in my own Zettelkasten. As such, its currently considered alpha-quality; while it ought to be very stable and theres no meaningful risk of data loss, updating to a newer version might be difficult and Im unlikely to accept patches unless theyre something I want in my own Zettelkasten. This is intended primarily as a nice starting platform on which to build your own tooling.

Some basic knowledge of TiddlyWiki is necessary and assumed.

Documentation / Installation

Find a live version of the edition on the web with further instructions at https://sobjornstad.github.io/tzk/. You can find the documentation for the CLI (which handles creating the wiki, versioning with Git, and creating public and other derivative versions of the wiki) at https://tzk.readthedocs.io/en/latest/.

Video walkthrough

Since tzk is still in an alpha state, general instructions on how to use it are somewhat lacking at the moment. To fill in the gap in the meantime, I recorded an hour-long walkthrough showing how you might take notes using tzk; you can select individual sections to watch if that's longer than you want. Watch the video on YouTube.