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Jacob Kiers 72c0f1b3c8 More updates
Signed-off-by: Jacob Kiers <>
1 year ago
ackrc Ack tweaks. 10 years ago
bash_profile.bash More updates 1 year ago
bashrc.bash Update 1 year ago
gitconfig Update 1 year ago
gitignore Update 1 year ago
hushlogin Refactoring and some tweaks. 11 years ago
inputrc.bash Bash: Fix (a bit) Home/End keys in 10 years ago
mailrc msmtp and mutt. 10 years ago
msmtprc msmtp and mutt. 10 years ago
muttrc msmtp and mutt. 10 years ago
vimrc Added vimrc to dotfiles. 10 years ago