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💀 Bootstrap 💀

Run ./ (or separate scripts in this folder) and make you some coffee. Then open Chrome (now its your default browser) and install all needed apps.

Warning. Your Mac can turn into a pumpkin.



Installs Homebrew, Git, git-extras, git-friendly, Node.js, JSHint, Grunt, configures Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc.


Installs Bash 4 and registers it as a default shell. Needs Homebrew.


Installs Consolas font. Needs Homebrew.


Installs imgo CLI image optimizer. Needs Homebrew.


Sane OSX defaults. Based on ~/.osx by @mathiasbynens.


Enables Sublime settings syncronization (see ../sublime/User folder).


Installs/updates Sublime packages from Package Control (listed in ../sublime/User/Package Control.sublime-settings) and GitHub (listed in script itself).


Installs Chrome and makes it default browser.


Installs quick look plugins: qlImageSize.


Get OS X software updates, update Homebrew, NPM, Ruby packages, dotfiles and some other software.

Tips & Tricks

Local Git identity

git config -f ~/.gitlocal ""
git config -f ~/.gitlocal "Artem Sapegin"

How to remove US English keyboard layout on Mac OS X

Useful when you use some kind of typography layout.

bash  <(curl -fsSkL