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Jacob Kiers dotfiles


curl | bash


curl | bash

Itll installs Git (on OS X only), clones latest version of dotfiles to ~/dotfiles and makes symlinks in your home directory.





  • Custom Bash prompt, useful aliases, etc.
  • Git config, Git global ignore file.
  • Dotfiles syncronization (
  • Sensible OS X defaults (setup/
  • Sublime Text 2 settings syncronization and packages autoinstall (setup/ and setup/
  • Consolas font install script (setup/
  • Bash4 install script (setup/
  • OS X, Homebrew, NPM, etc. update script (setup/
  • Color conversion script: convert #HEX to RGB/RGBA and HSL/HSLA
  • My magic project opener (bin/
  • Bash & Git aliases and scripts
  • Mac OS X apps I use


You can use any file extensions in tilde/ to invoke proper syntax highlighting in code editor.

Further customization

  • Add any Bash profile customizations to ~/.bashlocal.
  • Add your git username/email/etc. to ~/.gitlocal.
  • Just fork this repo and hack on.